I am a tarot student just like you! I started the Taos Tarot Salon (TTS) as a place to gather, share, learn and practice reading cards together in the spirit of fun and collaboration.

My personal areas of study are tarot (RWS), Lenormand and regular ole’ playing cards so these are the systems I talk about the most. As I have insights and acquire new skills/knowledge, I love to share them with the group. And, all of you are invited to share, too! Let me know if you’d like to facilitate a card reading topic, spread, inspiration or anything else at an upcoming salon. Just email and we’ll get you scheduled.

Beginners are encouraged to attend! All gatherings include some learning and also practice readings for ourselves and/or others in a friendly and supportive environment. If you don’t feel ready to read for others, then no pressure, you can practice on yourself and learn tips and tricks that will inspire you to share your gifts in no time! Bring your favorite deck(s) and I always have extras to share, too.

~ Thanks for stopping by! Tori ❤

Save the date! Salons for 2020
All salons are held on the weekend and during the day time. Hot tea is available. Price is by donation of your choice. If we have the interest, I’ll provide online access for those who are unable to attend in person.
* March, Near the Spring Equinox
* June, Midsummer
* September, Near the fall Equinox
* October 31st on the full moon

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